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Eun Sook Choi's playful spaces

Eun Sook Choi presents new work with a dash of conceptual content in an exhibition (8-20 October 2013) entitled The Space in Between.

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Eun Sook Choi 2013. A hall. Oil on canvas, 45×61cm


At first glance Choi’s work at London’s Mokspace Gallery comes across as slapdash experimentalism, where the viewer hoping to receive something faintly predictable or within the frame of certain expectations is treated to something else, somewhat if not entirely different.

This, however, is the start of the viewer experience, for Eun Sook Choi wants us to consider the fluidity of representation that — she seems to have found — is possible to convey through cleverly conceptualized yet ostensibly randomized brushwork.

The seemingly everyday spaces, their deceptively ordinary angles, rectangles, shadows and interplay with colour and light have surprises in store and those surprises come aplenty. Confronting those transformed — or perhaps reinterpreted? — spaces can be a somewhat disturbing and unsettling experience, but invariably rewarding in conclusion.

Amid hints of “a game of presence and absence,” Choi demonstrates effectively what is possible to achieve in dealing as a painter with walls and windows and the corridors, passages and stairs in between.

“This has been the starting point of an attempt to explore the space between familiarity and strangeness through an alchemy of iconography, visual experience and the fluid language of painting,” says Choi.

Eun Sook Choi studied Fine Art at Chung-Ang University in South Korea and graduated in 2011 with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

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