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East Asia Journal

East Asia Journal: Studies in Material Culture takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of material culture in East Asia — China, Japan and Korea — as well as the countries of the East and Southeast Asian region including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other adjoining countries. Material culture topics in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand etc) that impact on the study of East Asian material cultures are also within the journal’s remit.

Published online, digitally and in print, and independently refereed, East Asia Journal draws strength from a wide range of disciplines, such as archaeology, anthropology, history of technology, art and architecture, and literary studies, with the focus on ‘objects’ — their making, use and history and the interpretations given to them and on ‘materials’ used to make them.

East Asia Journal also welcomes any methodological contributions to the study of material culture in general.

Authors who wish to have their work published in the Journal, in the first instance, should send a proposal with a short abstract addressed to:

The Editor
East Asia Journal
P O Box 13666
London SW14 8WF, United Kingdom
E-mail eaj–at–

Facsimile +44-[0]20-8392 1122

(Please drop [0] when calling from outside the UK)

Disclaimer and Indemnity

The views expressed by authors and contributors in the pages of East Asia Journal do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor or the Guest Editors of the journal’s respective issues or members of the Editorial Advisory Board. Furthermore, whilst East Asia Journal and its publishers make every effort to ensure that the information contained in the journal’s pages is accurate, neither East Asia Journal nor its publishers accept any liability for loss or damage arising from any opinion or fact, errors or omissions.

All texts and images are published in East Asia Journal on the clear understanding, conveyed to all contributors in advance, that the authors and contributors have obtained copyright clearances, where necessary and warranted, from the authors and/or publishers of previously published material. Neither East Asia Journal nor the publishers will entertain any claims arising from copyright disputes between any parties involved.

Additional information
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