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Eastern Art Report Issue 47 — Table of Contents

Eastern Art Report Issue 47 — Table of Contents

• International Diary including
—Countdown to inIVA’s jubilee; Anish Kapoor takes on the Turbine Hall; Neil MacGregor moves to the BM; Oldham’s £9m gallery; The BM’s Big Push in Chinese Art; New York Galleries test out Art2002; Images from Vietnam at war; Diem Phung Thi, Vietnamese sculptor; Rebranding for Pitshanger; A merged ACE, a culturally diverse Britain; Shisha sets ArtSouthAsia programme; Sadequain Retrospective in Pakistan; Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester—The Way Ahead; International Diary; It’s not a Tate but… (preview of the Baltic); Japan 2001 bows out —but where is it going?

• South Asian Paintings from the Collection of Prince and Princess Sadruddin Aga Khan by Sheila Canby

• The Sullivans and Chinese Art by Sajid Rizvi

• Going ‘egofugal’ – The 7th Istanbul Biennial

• A Life in Art—Wang Keping in Conversation by Sajid Rizvi
—Now based in Paris, Wang Keping was one of the rebellious members of the Stars group that challenged Beijing’s authority in the late 1970s. He refused to compromise even after his move to Europe and is credited with creating some of the most original work in wood. In this conversation Wang Keping speaks about his work and counters questions on ‘influences’

• Pakistan: Another Vision, Another Colonial View? by John Holt

• Chinese Infusions
—Report on the travelling exhibition, Ten Thousand Li: Chinese In/fusion in Contemporary British Culture

• Floating Chimeras
—Report on a recent exhibition at Edsvik Art and Culture, Sweden

• Text & Subtext—Asia’s Agents Provocateurs
—Report and interview on the travelling exhibition, featuring works by 22 female artists from Asia

• Ambivalence and Iranian Identity—The Work of Shirin Neshat by Carly Butler
—The visual image of the Iranian chador (veil) is so strong that many in the West believe its meaning to be obvious, thereby negating the need to listen to Iranian women and search for other interpretations through women’s own literature and poetry. One woman attempting to bridge these gaps between interpretation and understanding through film, photography and video is the Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat

• Representing Asia or Asias—Fukuoka’s Asian Art Museum by Noriko Ishimatsu
—Interview on the pioneering museum in Japan, and the background to its establishment in a country that remains largely beholden to contemporary art from an international arena that is not necessarily inclusive of Asia

• Books & CD-ROMs

• Art Events Worldwide listings

• Index to Back Issues

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